What will happen in 2021? - Session Details and New Opportunites


2020 was a crazy year, to say the least, and I hope that 2021 is a better year for everyone. This new year will bring new opportunities and new sessions, which is very exciting!! This year there will be a couple of business changes in order to serve my clients better and to have a better work/life balance for myself.

First off, let me reintroduce myself, My name is Meagan Paige and I am the Boss Babe of Meagan Paige Photography. I currently have 2 fur babies and a loving fiance with who I spend all my free time with. My photography style is light and airy and I absolutely LOVE newborn sessions and cake smashes. For 2021

I will also be focusing more on boudoir sessions so if you are interested in what that would entail you can head to my other website: www.boudoir-meaganpaige.com

I do have a new business email so if you want my messages to go to your inbox please add info@meaganphoto.com to your contacts!

This year I will start posting more blogs that will give advice, recipes, and some pretty neat ideas so that my photography page is not just photos but a place you can always check out to read the newest trend.



The mini sessions from January to July have already launched and are available for you to purchase.

You can see the dates and details here: www.meaganpaige.com/shop


- Glitter Mini Sessions


- Be my Valentine Mini Sessions


- Bubble Mini Sessions


- Mommy and Me Mini Sessions


- Spring Mini Sessions


- Father Mini Sessions


- Prince/Princess Mini Sessions


- No Sessions Planned so far


- Fall Minis


- Halloween Mini Sessions (One Day Only is planned)

- Christmas Mini Sessions (This way I can get everyone booked in this year and not have to turn down so many people)


- Christmas Mini Sessions


- No Mini Sessions



This year I am focusing on setting work hours and actually sticking to them. I have a bad habit of working every day all day long and that means my family and friends suffer because they never see me. By 2021 I will no longer be doing sessions on Sundays and Mondays. These days will be reserved for editing, cleaning, and being with my family. For the rest of the days, I will be doing sessions at 12 pm or later and my workday will end at 7 pm. With this being said, if you email me after 7 pm I will not respond until the next morning.

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - 11am-7pm

Wednesday - 11am-7pm

Thursday - 11am-7pm

Friday - 11am-7pm

Saturday - 11am-7pm

Sunday - CLOSED



I am always adding new gowns to my client closet and right now I have some brand new options that are GREAT for winter! The velvet gowns are great for the cold weather because they are a bit thicker and keep you warmer. I also added some gorgeous lace gowns for anyone who loves that boho look!


If you have any questions or you are interested in booking a session with me, please email me at info@meaganphoto.com!!


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