What will 2020 bring?

New Year, New Blog Post!

I am not the best at writing blog posts, let's be honest! When I was in school Math was the class where I shined, English was the class that brought my average down. However, I wanted to write a blog post about what 2020 will bring and the new changes that have happened with my business.

I guess we should first start with a introduction so all my new followers can get to know me! Hi there, I am Meagan from Meagan Paige Photography! I first picked up a DSLR camera when I was 13 and I have been taking photos ever since. I love how you can capture such amazing memories for your clients so when they look back at that photo they can remember the moment, how they felt, and how small their children used to be! I am a total dog mom! I have three crazy dogs who I love more than life itself. Since I work from home, I always joke they are my coworkers who never get any work done. But they are great listeners and make my day more interesting, so thats a plus!

When I am not taking photographs, I am planning new mini sessions or editing or collecting vintage cameras. My boyfriend always jokes that I do not know how to relax and if I didn't have any work to do I would go crazy. Which I mean he isn't wrong but I truly love my job and I don't know what I would do without it! I am also a total Prop Hoarder! The word hoarder used to get me really upset mainly because people would use it in a bad way, saying I keep things for no reason at all. But I now look at it as a asset and a positive thing. My clients book with me because I have an extensive prop collection. This collection allows me to make unique setups and make any of my client's visions come true. The only time I ever see my prop collection as a bad thing is when I have to move and I fill the biggest UHAUL TWICE!!!!

My NW Calgary Photo Studio and Prop Collection

I love to travel and I have been to the following places so far: Sri Lanka, Ireland, Punta Cana, Mexico, Las Vegas, Finland, Spain, Hawaii, and beyond. I grew up in Las Vegas and lived their for 10 years. My parents owned a sign company and actually did a bunch of signs for the Las Vegas Strip. Living in Vegas has made me really appreciate the beauty of Calgary. I honestly hate the extreme heat Las Vegas has so Calgary summers are actually way better for me (if only my house had air conditioning though). Plus Calgary is SO GREEN with beautiful mountains, rather than a desert so I definitely love the scenery here. I am a dual citizen. I was born in Calgary, moved to Las Vegas when I was 5, and then moved back to Calgary when I was 13. I have been so almost all the states on the west side like California, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, etc. My dad just moved to Pennsylvania so I did just visit him there last month which was super fun to see that side of the states. We even got to go to New York and see the Rockefeller tree which has been on my bucket list for SO LONG!!

Well enough about me, let's talk about my business ......


I relaunched my pricing a couple months ago so even though a new year has started my pricing is staying the same. With that being said, if you booked a session with me a year or two ago things have changed since then. Instead of having a all inclusive package that didn't leave much room for customization, I now have a $250 session fee. This session fee is DUE UPON BOOKING and covers the photographer's talent and time to prepare, photograph and edit your session. This fee is the same for all of the following types of sessions: Newborn, Maternity, Child Milestone, Cake Smash, Family, Portrait, Couples/Engagement and Boudoir. This session fee DOES NOT include and prints or digital images.

Then two to three weeks after your session you will get to see the online gallery with all your edited photos. That is where you will favourite the ones you like and pick the digital collection that best fits your needs. This way you only buy the photos you love and can customize a package that best suits your family.

Here are the following Digital Image Collections I offer:​

The Full Gallery of 60+ photos for $450

20 Digital Images for $250

30 Digital Images for $350

 5 Digital Images for $200

I do offer products as well such as prints, canvases, photo books, and acrylics. You can see all my product pricing here:



Last year I fell in love with backdrops from Fancy Fabrics and I mean I still obsess over all the new drops that they launch but this year I want to create my own sets. Ordering backdrops is a super easy way to get a cute setup without having all the props but the problem I find is since it is such a popular company I order from, multiple photographers end up doing the same setup as me which makes the photos a little less original. This year I will be making my own setups with my own props (because let's face it I definitely have enough props to make some super cute setups). This way your photos will be unique and will definitely stand out from the rest.

Here is two setups I have already made this year for my Valentine's Day Minis!



Every business owner has their favourite aspects of their business and then the not so favourite aspects. Emails is definitely a chore for me. Don't get me wrong I love meeting new clients and coming up with great ideas for your session but the simple task of answering emails is not the funnest thing in the world. This year in order to help with faster email response time I have hired a assistant named Alexa to answer emails for me so you can get your session booked in faster. I hope this brings more business this year and happier clients! Alexa is part time so I will occasionally be answering emails myself but we are usually always on the same page so regardless who you talk to, we will help you the best we can.

Boudoir Photography is now available!!!

I have fallen in love with boudoir photography so this year I am really going to start building that side of my business. It is truly a privilege to photograph such beautiful women and to show them how truly amazing they are. I custom design sets for my clients and I even have some amazing wings you can wear during your session!

You can find my boudoir work at this link: www.boudoir-meaganpaige.com

Plus I have created a VIP BOUDOIR FACEBOOK GROUP you can join as well:



So far I have the following mini sessions planned:

- Glitter Minis will be in January


- Valentine Minis in February


- Easter Minis in March


- Mommy and Me Minis in April


- Father and Me Minis in June


- Fall Family Minis sometime in August/September

- Christmas Minis in October/November

- Maybe some Spring or Summer Minis (indoors and outdoors)

However I haven't finalized that plan yet!

You can always check out what active Mini sessions I have available here:



New Year, New themes! I have made my 2020 cake smash bucket list so if you follow this link you can see what themes have been discounted :)


Well I think this blog post is definitely long enough and if you have actually read the whole thing, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope everyone is having a great 2020 year so far and feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below!!


Meagan Paige Photography

Family, Newborn, Child, Maternity, Portrait, Cake Smash, and Engagement Photography


Just a Little about Me:

Hi, I am Meagan Paige. I am the girl behind the camera and the one who does all the posts on my social media websites, such as Facebook and Instagram! I am located in Alberta and have a home studio in the NW part of Calgary.

I have been doing photography since 2011, full time since 2016!


Meagan Paige Photography is a Calgary Based Newborn & Maternity Photographer. Also specializing in Calgary Family, Engagement, Child and Cake Smash Photography. I also photograph in places like, Airdrie, Banff, Lake Louise, Cascade Pond, and other surrounding areas!


For any inquires feel free to message me at my email: meaganpphoto@gmail.com



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Instagram www.instagram.com/calgary.photography

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