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GET INSPIRED - To Write Your Own Blog!!

When it comes to blogging even I struggle! I have to get in a real motivated mood with Friends on in the background and a water and snack by my side. Even when you think you have nothing to write about, there is always a image from a session months ago that you didn't publish that could turn into a great blog post! So there is no excuse not to have at least one post a week on your blog!


Blogging is so important when it comes to SEO purposes! It shows google that you are a active poster and it shows clients your most recent work! When you are writing a blog make sure you link your words so that when then click on it, it will go to a different page. These are called back links and they help you SO MUCH when it comes to ranking.


What google does is it sends a little "robot" to go through your site, page to page. When you don't have any back links on your page the robot just stops and goes back to google all sad because its little adventure was cut short. But when you have back links on blog posts and on other pages of your website the robot is happy that is has somewhere else to go. Once it goes to all of your pages and back links it reports back to google about how good your website it. When it comes to back linking, it doesn't have to just be pages on your website. If you have a newborn session where you used props from say "Luneberry" or "Oh Love Props", you should tag their websites as well. This helps both you and your prop vendor's websites because it increases the authenticity of each website.


When it comes to blogging, you want to be consistent. I normally do once a week and it always posts on Monday. This shows google and clients that I am a consistent poster and I am active on my website. Posting Blogs shows your clients your most recent work in the most convenient way. I use Wix to host my website so updating my galleries is super easy but not every website is like that. Plus going to each page and gallery to update the photos is way more work then just pasting them in a blog and posting it!


When google looks at photos it can't tell what the picture is of unless you put metadata tags. This is also known as ALT TEXT depending on what website provider you use. Metadata tags can be something like "newborn baby girl with her big brother". This tells google what is in the photo and if your website is loading slow it will also tell the client what the photo is before the photo even fully loads.


If you are using Wix or Wordpress for your blog there is a spot on the page where you can put keywords and categories. Categories are to help organize your blog posts so if someone only wants to see Wedding blog posts they can click on the Category and see the posts they are searching for. Keywords belong throughout your blog post and definitely in the title!

When it comes to keywords you want to use some of the following:

- Company Name

- City, Province/State, Country you live in

- Cities around you

- Type of Photography

- Synonyms for the type of photography you do (Newborn = baby, baby girl, baby boy, infant)

- Misspelled versions of any of these keywords above (google has found that more people misspell what they are looking for more then they get it right)


SIZE DOES MATTER, when it comes to your url! Google hates long urls the shorter and simpler the better!

I hope this has helped you get started on writing your blog and I hope you have tons of success!!


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