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What will your Cake Smash Session look like in 2023? | Harley Davidson First Birthday Example

By: Meagan Paige Photography - Airdrie + Calgary Child Photographer


Cake Smashes are the perfect way to celebrate your child's first birthday. When you book a cake smash session with Meagan Paige Photography, all the props and the cake is included in the session fee. I pride myself on being able to create any theme you can possibly think of. Here is an example of a cake smash so you know what to expect when you book yours.

When it comes to booking your cake smash date, you have two options. You can do the session really close to your child's birthday so it is part of the birthday celebrations or if you want to have the photos done and edited before then I recommend booking 4-6 weeks before their actual birth date.

Every cake smash includes optional Family Photos at the beginning. This way you can get a quick updated Family Shot as well as all the adorable cake smash photos. I make sure we get a photo of your child with mom, your child with dad, sibling photos (if applicable), and then a nice group shot of your full family together.

Harley Davidson Cake Smash - Meagan Paige Photography - Airdrie,AB

After the family photos, I like to get some shots of your little cake smasher with their fun setup without the cake. This way you can get some photos of your child before they get super-duper messy!! So if you want your child to wear one outfit during the family photos and then change for the cake smash part, we can definitely do that!

Harley Davidson Cake Smash - Meagan Paige Photography - Airdrie,AB

Then the fun starts and your child gets to play with the cake. I always send my clients a checklist on how to prepare for their cake smash to make it a bit easier to get your child to like the cake. I always recommend bringing puffs or any small snack that your child currently loves in case we need to put a couple in the cake at the beginning to help them warm up to it.

You can see a Timelapse of this session here:

During the cake smash, we get a wide variety of shots. I like to make sure I get a cute photo of the cake with your child's little feet beside it, nice closeups of your child's face full of cake, and then of course the photos with the full setup in it. Most Cake Smash sessions only last about 30 minutes because once your child plays with the cake for a bit, they are over it and they want to do something else. This is why I work fast and I am able to get all these photos during that time. After the cake smash, it is time for the bubble bath part of the session!

See some behind the scenes of this session here:

The best part about the bubble bath is that it helps clean your child and gets all the icing out of their hands and toes. Plus it is super fun for your child to splash in and I usually get a lot of really big smiles at this part of the session. For the bubble bath, your child can wear a bathing suit or they can wear their birthday suit, it is totally up to you. The bath has bubbles in it so everything is concealed.

Moana Cake Smash - Meagan Paige Photography - Airdrie,AB

If you are interested in booking a Cake Smash with me, please contact me by heading to this link:

To Recap, my Cake Smash Session Fee includes

  1. The props to make any theme you want for your session

  2. The Cake

  3. A Checklist to help prepare your child for the session

  4. Family/Sibling photos at the beginning

  5. Photos of your Child with the setup (no cake)

  6. Photos during the cake smash

  7. Photos during the splash part in the bathtub

  8. Access to my Cake Smash Wardrobe

I do have a Cake Smash Client Wardrobe that I have been adding to over the year that you can take advantage of. However, if you prefer to bring your own outfit you definitely can. I have tons of great ideas that I can recommend to you as well.

A week or so after your session, you will come back to my studio and you will view all the adorable photos from your photo shoot. This is where you will see all the products I offer in person so you can best decide how you want to display your photos in your home. This is also where you will purchase the Digital Collection and products that you want.

Digital Collections and Print Products are sold separately from the session fee. Digital-only collections begin at $650. Most clients order artwork and digital files together for a complete package, with Create-A-Collection options starting at $1400.

If you have any questions or if you want to book a Cake Smash Session for yourself, please contact me by heading to this link:


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Moana Cake Smash - Meagan Paige Photography - Airdrie,AB

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