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To all the Moms who hate getting their pictures taken .....

Calgary Moms - Making Memories with their Family - Meagan Paige Photography

When I was in school, Math was my favourite class and honestly I hated English Class. I am really good with numbers but when it comes to writing, I am pretty average, so let me apologize in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes. However, this is a blog post that I really think needs to be written.

I want to address all the mothers who hate getting their pictures taken and who try all they can not to be included in their kids photos.

All I hear every day is:

"Please Photoshop me as much as you can"

"Oh these photos are just for the kids. I don't want to be in them"

"I am so uncomfortable with photos so I don't want to be in them today"

"No one needs my photo, they just want to see the kids"


Your body created those little miracles that you spend every day with. Being beautiful has nothing to do with the size of jeans you wear or if you look like the ladies in the magazines.

I know when it comes to photoshoots, you are doing EVERYTHING you can to coordinate your family's outfits, making sure they don't spill on them during the car ride, and just trying to get everyone to be on time. Trust me, I REALLY APPRECIATE all the effort you put into your family. I am so thankful for all the little things you do and honestly so are your children, even if they are too young to fully understand right now.

But in twenty years, when you now have grandchildren they are going to want to see how their grandma looked when she was younger. They are going to want to see your smile and how close you held their parents when they were young. They are going to want to see how much they resemble you and the real moments in your life.

This is the true beauty of photography. We are capturing memories, RAW IN THE MOMENT MEMORIES!

No matter how hard you try, Life is not perfect but when your kids/grandkids want to look back at their childhood, THEY WILL NOT CARE ABOUT HOW EVERYONE WAS DRESSED. Plus if you think about it no matter how hard you try, fashion is changing every day and whatever you pick may be out of style by then anyways.

Your children are going to want to see their mom enjoying life and all the little memories that they hold on to as they grow up.

So please ladies, give yourself a break. Remember that YOUR BODY CREATED ANOTHER HUMAN BEING and that human being loves you more than anything in the world.

They love the mom that took care of them when they were sick and ended up being sick right afterwards because of it. They love the mom who went to all their soccer games and recitals. They do not care if their mom always looked like a model or celebrity. They care that their mother is loving, compassionate, and always there for them.

Plus let's be honest our favourite memories of our childhood are usually the lazy days we spent watching movies in our pajamas or the time you went to an amusement park and got soaked on a water ride to the point your makeup was smeared all over your face. No one remembers the time they had the perfect smile. They remember the time they laughed until they cried.

So remember, you are enough. Your children love you for you. Now get in those photos and make some memories with your children that they will cherish forever.


Meagan Paige Photography

Family, Newborn, Child, Maternity, Portrait, Cake Smash, and Engagement Photography


Just a Little about Me:

Hi, I am Meagan Paige. I am the girl behind the camera and the one who does all the posts on my social media websites, such as Facebook and Instagram! I am located in Alberta and have a home studio in the NW part of Calgary.

I have been doing photography since 2011, full time since 2016!


Meagan Paige Photography is a Calgary Based Newborn & Maternity Photographer. Also

specializing in Calgary Family, Engagement, Child and Cake Smash Photography. I also photograph in places like, Airdrie, Banff, Lake Louise, Cascade Pond, and other surrounding areas!

For any inquires feel free to message me at my email:








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