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I AM OFFICIALLY A MOM!! - Meagan Paige Photography Personal Post

Welcome to the World, Jasper Payton Jayawardana <3 ⁠

Calgary Fresh 48 Photoshoot - Meagan Paige Photography

On February 10th I went into early labor at 4:30 am and by February 11th Jasper was born via C-Section. ⁠

When I woke up with my first contraction, my first thought was wow that hurt but oh well and I went back to bed. My second contraction made me spring out of bed faster than I have been able to in the last 9 months, and with this sudden movement, Malik woke up immediately. Again I still brushed it off and we laid back in bed to see if it would happen again. When it continued to happen almost every 5 minutes we knew it was time to head to the hospital. The second Malik suggested we go to the hospital my mind went blank. I instantly forgot what I needed to pack and what I needed to do but thank goodness I had made a note about this in my phone for just this very moment. ⁠

When we got to the hospital I was 3cm dilated so they told us to go get some breakfast and walk around for the next two hours and then come back. Having contractions and crying in Tim Hortons was a very interesting experience. After doing a million laps of the hospital floor, we got checked in again and I was 4cm dilated so they could finally admit us. Then over the next 48 hours, labor was super slow, I was dilating fine and they gave me oxytocin to speed up my contractions but little Jasper was just not heading down like he needed to because there was simply no room. I guess that is what I get being 4'10 and having a 6-foot-tall husband. ⁠

Since it was highly unlikely that Jasper was going to be able to fit through my pelvis (short people problems lol), we called it and they sent us to the operating room for the C-Section. Seeing Malik in scrubs was a memory that will last forever. Malik honestly did an amazing job of being there for me and calming me down since hospitals freak me out. When they pulled Jasper out of me, he was not breathing and they were about to send him to the Nicu, but a nurse told Malik to just go be with Jasper during this time and the second he stood by Jasper, Jasper took his first breath on his own. After that, we were in the hospital for the next two days and we are now finally enjoying all the baby cuddles at home.

Honestly I have probably taken like 200 photos of this little guy just in the two weeks we have had him. First it was the Fresh 48 session we did in the hospital and now he has also modelled for a Newborn Workshop, had his own Newborn Photoshoot with Hocus Focus Photography, and I have managed to photograph two setups of him with my dogs in my studio. Safe to say this kid is going to be VERY WELL DOCUMENTED!! I figured since I was in labor for 24 hours, that means he owes me 24 photoshoots right?!?!

We have also made some fun tiktoks together as well! You can see all of those here:

See his Newborn Session Photos here: LINK COMING SOON!

See my Maternity photos here:

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About Me:

Hi there, I am Meagan Paige!! I am the one answering all the emails, posting on social media, and taking all your lovely photos. I have been doing photography for about 5 years. Everyone I know says I was born in the wrong era. I absolutely love anything vintage especially Vintage Cameras! When I am not taking photos I am out buying more props for my future sessions or of course spending time with my amazing husband and crazy puppies! Family is incredibly important to me and I cherish every moment I spend with my parents and sister! I love capturing the moment and making memories last forever. This website is my way of showing what I am capable of and how much photography means to me. I post new photoshoots as soon as I can in hopes to keep my website new and exciting! I am more than welcome to branch out of my comfort zone and try something new, so if you don't see the certain style you are looking for message me and we can work something out. I am always for learning new tricks and techniques. I hope you enjoy my work and have a fantastic day! XOXO



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