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How to Dress your Family for Winter Photos - Calgary, AB

This year has already been so unpredictable when it comes to Weather. I mean last weekend was FREEZING with so much snow and this weekend it is going to be 10'C which considering it is winter is actually pretty warm. So I figured I would write this blog about how to dress your family for Cold Winter photos because Calgary likes to change up the weather so much that literally anything can happen during your session.

A few things to consider.....

Calgary Winter Family Photography - Clothing Tips

- Be Comfortable

Don't wear something that is itchy or makes you feel self conscious just because you think it will photograph well. It is super easy to see when someone is uncomfortable in photos and this is not what you want your photos to show!


I don't mean dress yourself up in all of your clothing like Joey does in Friends!

Joey From Friends - Calgary Winter Family Photography - Clothing Tips

However, you can wear multiple layers without looking bulky really easily! Start with long johns or just some skinny leggings, then add jeans over top. This way you have double layers on your legs and literally no one can tell. Then for your top, start with a tank top, then add a t-shirt or sweater, then you add a scarf or a cute winter vest, and BAM you have three layers on top without looking like a marshmallow. When the photos are being done outdoor, hats or ear muffs actually look super cute!!! AND TRUST ME, your kids will be MUCH happier if their little ears aren't cold! Honestly just embrace the cold weather! If you need to wear coats and hats, that is perfectly fine and it is authentic to the outdoor surroundings and that is the goal!

Calgary Winter Family Photography - Clothing Tips

- Bring a Blanket!!

The whole family wrapped in a big blanket is ALWAYS a cute photo! So don't be afraid to get a soft comfy blanket to snuggle in! Plus this is a cute photo you could do every year and then you can see how your family has changed when you compare the photos!

- Dress the Baby!!

If you want a pop of color, it is great to put it on the baby.  They can pull almost anything off.

Calgary Winter Family Photography - Clothing Tips

- Make it Count!!

IF you are going to match exactly, MAKE IT COUNT!!!.  Like in Christmas PJs or holiday dresses or sweaters.

Want some more examples of what to wear in Winter? Head over to my Pinterest board!! It has TONS of ideas!

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