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Canmore Mountain Maternity Session - Pregnancy Photographer

This is probably one of my favourite outdoor maternity sessions ever! We lucked out with the one day of the week where it wasn't raining!!

This GORGEOUS momma-to-be came to my studio before our session to try on a bunch of my maternity gowns. She looked stunning in all of them so the choice of which gowns we were actually going to use was quite hard. Before she left I had mentioned that there is a gorgeous little lake at the spot we are taking photos and it would look cool if we did photos in the water, if she was willing. I honestly didn't expect her to say yes but she was totally on board.

Since we were going to get a little wet and going to be in the mountains I reminded her to bring a change of clothes, some towels, and some bug spray (because the bugs are so bad this year). Then just in case I also brought towels, water, bug spray, blankets, my little wagon, extra memory cards, and extra camera batteries. So I am thinking I have everything I could possibly need for any situation that could happen tonight at our session.

Guys ........ I forgot a change of clothes for myself!! But of course that isn't going to stop me from getting this awesome shot so I go right in the water fully clothed (thank goodness I realized my phone was in my pocket before I went to deep). So I drove home with no pants on and was soaked up to my shoulders but I think it was 100% worth it!

When I was picturing photos in the water, I just pictured maybe going knee deep and this gorgeous lady kept joking she should float on her back and while it was a awesome idea I expected the water to be way to cold for that. But this girl is ADVENTUROUS and the water was surprisingly warmer than anticipated so her joke turned into a reality and I honestly think it is the best photo from the whole session (and there are SO MANY good ones).

So that's my little story. I hope I didn't ramble on to much (since apparently that is what I love to do now)!!

The Blue/Teal Dress is from Chicaboo. However both gowns are part of my Client Wardrobe that any client can take advantage of during their session!!

I hope you love this session as much as I do :)


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