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How to take Cake Smash Photos at Home during Quarantine

I know a lot of children have had birthdays or will have birthdays during this quarantine and won't be able to have a party. Therefore, I figured I should write a little guide on how to take cake smash photos at home so you can still do something special for your little one.


First off, you need to start with props. I know a lot of places are closed right now so you can check Walmart or you may even luck out on Amazon depending on what kind of theme/props you want. There are still some items shipping with super-fast prime. Amazon also has some super cute backdrops but you will probably need to iron it when you get it to get the creases out. Michaels also has TONS of props and balloons and right now they are doing Curbside Pickup so you can order everything online and then go get it that day!!

If you want a super-fast cleanup I recommend getting paper backdrops so you can tape it up on the wall and floor and then after the cake smash you can just toss it. You can get a roll of paper from Vistek and then after the cake smash you can let your kids draw on it. If you are going to tape this paper on the wall and floor then you only need the 53-inch length.

If you want to make a Balloon Garland or a Balloon Wall like the photo below you can get kits from Party City or Amazon!

If you are doing a super complex setup with a lot of props that you don't want to get covered in icing then I recommend putting your child 3-4 feet away from the backdrop.


As far as lighting goes, you can keep it super simple. All you need is one window on either side of the baby (just like the photo above). If the sun is shining through the window when you take the photos I recommend hanging some sheer curtains up. It is best to have the window on the side rather than having the window face the baby. With Side Light, you get some super nice shadows on one side which makes your images look less flat.


If you need a cake for your cake smash I HIGHLY recommend Ruffles and Lace Artisan Cakes in Airdrie! Her cakes are amazing and she can also make dairy-free cakes.

I always recommend making sure you have kid Benadryl around if your kid has NEVER had anything sweet, JUST IN CASE!!!

If you are going to make the cake, don't stress, IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE PERFECT!! It is going to get smashed and ruined in about a minute!


The best part about Cake Smashes is that you don't need to pose your baby perfectly. The whole point of a Cake Smash is to allow your kid to have fun and capture their personality. I recommend getting a couple of photos of your child before the cake and then maybe even take some photos in the bathtub afterward. As far as it goes with taking photos during the smash I recommend putting the cake right up close to your kid with their legs on either side. This is super helpful if your child loves to crawl because it will keep them in their place for a bit longer.

When taking your child's photos, sit at their level at the start. Then once your child is getting into the cake you can take a photo from above of them smashing the cake and then make some fun noises to get them to look up at you as well. Don't forget to also get super close and take some nice photos of their icing covered face, their hands, their feet, and their lips.


When it comes to taking photos, TAKE MILLIONS!! You can go through them afterward but at least if you take a BUNCH then you won't miss a second and if some of them turn out blurry you probably have another good one that is similar. If you are using your iPhone for the photos you can hold the circle button down and it will take a burst of photos. I wouldn't do this the whole time because it takes so many photos so fast you will completely fill up all your storage but if your kid is really going at the cake or smiling then BURST AWAY! A lot of cameras also have this continuous burst photo setting as well, just check the manual.

If you need more tips on how to take a burst of photos on your iPhone, check this out!


Amazon is really going to be your best friend and they have super cute cake smash outfits!

Petite Dames also makes AMAZING outfits and she is local in Calgary.

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