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Baby Girl Sarah - Calgary Newborn Photographer - Meagan Paige Photography

Little Girl Sarah came into my home photo studio in the NW part of Calgary ready for photos! She was an absolute dream baby and we ended up getting all the photos that we needed done! She loved to be snuggled in my wraps where she was nice and cozy!

When is came to sibling photos, her big brother could not have been more excited. The smile that came onto his face when he was with his sister was absolutely adorable! He spends so much time every day with Sarah that his parents actually have to distract him with toys or take him to daycare so Sarah can get some alone sleepy time. He is for sure going to be the best big brother out there!

Baby Girl Sarah with Floral Wreath

Baby Girl Sarah All Snuggled Up

Baby Girl Sarah Asleep with her Quilts

Quilts by Oh Love Props

Baby Girl Sarah - Potato Sack Pose

Baby Bonnet from MerrieKnit and Wraps from Kartay Photography Props

Baby Girl Sarah - Side View

Baby Girl Sarah with her Big Brother

Newborn Girl in Floral Wreath

Wreath from Home Sense

Side View Of Sarah in Floral Wreath

Baby Girl Sarah all dressed in Purple

Sarah Sleeping - Baby Girl

Big Brother and Sister cuddling

Baby Girl Sarah in Flower Pot

Bucket from IKEA



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