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The Most Amazing 3rd Birthday Party - Meagan Paige Photography - Calgary Photographer

Lexi is a very special little girl that has defied all odds from the time she came into this world, through a very tumultuous time in the neonatal intensive care unit. She also persevered through several serious health conditions in her first year of life. Her parents were told by many doctors that she was a miracle to begin with. Still, they were not expecting Lexi to make it further than first trimester, but she held on for much longer than that. She was born three months too early, as a micropreemie. At her lightest, she weighed 1.9 pounds. Due to life threatening conditions she endured, they were told many times that she might not make it out of the NICU, but something told us that she was a fighter. She persevered through cysts in her brain, a hole in her heart, underdeveloped retinas, severe allergies in her gut and neocrotizing enterocolitis (sections of intenstines that essentially started to neoctize/die). Somehow, against ALL odds, we have a totally healthy little girl today, who is smart, silly, and every bit as feisty as she was from the day she was born.

THIS IS WHY HER BIRTHDAY WAS SO ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Everything was planned down to the last little detail! Her color theme was gold and teal, decorations were everywhere, and even the water bottles were personalized.

Lexi got to start off her day by getting ready with her mommy, hair and makeup, the whole deal. Then she got to have hot chocolate with her father in her little tent in her room. She even got her nails painted by her mom right before her party.

When she arrived to her party near Calgary Downtown, it was all about her! Everyone was excited to see her and she was spoiled with love and gifts. You can tell how much Lexi is loved by all her family and friends. She had the most amazing birthday party I have ever seen. Not just because of the decorations but because you could tell how much everyone cared for little Lexi!!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!!

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