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Having a Bad Day? Stressed at Work? Need a laugh or a Smile? Nothing can make you smile like a baby's face!!

Over the past couple years I have came across some funny baby faces in my little Calgary Home Photo Studio!! I especially love the ultimate crying photos!! Here is my top 10 little faces!! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

1. Look at this Little Elvis with his curled lip!!

2. Within milliseconds I get this super pout and then a totally relaxed comfy face!!

3. Look at this little chubster's face!! He wasn't so sure what was going on during his session!

4. Little Deborah was very intrigued during her session <3

5. This little guy wanted NO MORE PHOTOS!!!! He was waving the white flag and wanting to go home!

6. This little girl just wanted her soother for the whole session! We ended up getting some great photos but at this moment she wanted her soother and that was the end of that!

7. Little Emmy loved staying awake and looking at everything during her session. It made for some great awake shots!

8. When I was trying to get a great macro shot of his little nose, he scrunched up his face and made the cutest little crying face!!

9. More crying during my sessions :P

10. After her little crying session (the photo above) she was all smiles!



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