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Superman Cake Smash - Calgary Child Photographer

The best part about having a studio in Calgary is that I can create amazing set ups for Cake Smash Sessions. Normally during cake smashes the child is a little confused and does not know what to do with the cake. This was not the case during my most recent Cake Smash. My superman cake was absolutely demolished and it got EVERYWHERE during this session!! Although this did make for some AWESOME photos!!

The backdrop was made by myself and my boyfriend out of poster board and white paper. It turned out way better than I could have even expected and was SUPER CHEAP to make!! Thank you Pinterest for all the ideas!!

Ending a cake smash with a bubble bath session is not only cute for photos but tons of help when it comes to taking your child home!! Its way easier to take a wet child home rather than a sticky child.

Little Clark Kent

Superman Parents

Little Superman in Disguise

He loved to tell little stories while he was eating his cake!! What a big character in such a little superman!

Superman Cake Smash Smile

Superman Cake DEMOLISHED

We may have put the icing on his face but I promise the cake demolishment was all him!!

Little Superman covered in Icing

Superman Cake Smash Setup

Superman Cake Smash Ideas

Thank you Party City for having a cute little Superman cardboard cut out to make this cake complete!

Superman Cake

Superman Cake Smash Bubble Bath

I have never seen a kid smash as much as this little man did!! WATER EVERYWHERE! It was absolutely fantastic! He had so much fun!!

Superman Bubble Bath Splash

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