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Baby Boy James' Welcome to the World <3 Calgary Studio Newborn Photographer

I got the privilege to photography Elizabeth's Maternity Session and Baby boy James Newborn Session in my Home Studio located in the northwest part of Calgary. Both sessions went absolutely perfect and Charlotte is going to make the best big sister. She loves her brother so much and he will look up to her in many ways.

Calgary Family on a white bed

Mother and daughter feeling the baby kick

Little Charlotte loves to feel her baby brother kick!!

Baby Boy's Ultrasounds

It is so exciting when you can see your little man before he is even born!! Ultrasounds are memories that will last forever!

Family giggles at their maternity session

Baby Boy Belly Bump

New Mother's Glow

There is nothing more beautiful than the love a mother has for unborn son!

Calgary Maternity Photo session Collage

Couple's joy of having a new baby boy

Mother Daughter Fun

Charlotte loved to play with her parents during the session. She definitely kept everything interesting. She is such a cutie!

Calgary Baby Boy's Smile on a Plaid Blanket

Lately I have been have such great success with capturing baby smiles! This one is my absolute favorite. This lovely plaid backdrop is actually a flannel sheet! I can make anything work and I love how this turned out!

Big Sister giving her little brother kisses

Sister and Brother Love - Calgary

Luneberry Flokati with Baby Boy James

Little James could not have been more comfy in my Luneberry flokati and a cute little hat and tie set I got for $5.

New Parents with Baby Boy James

New Mother with Baby Boy James

Baby Boy James all dressed in white

I love simple white photographs because they really focus on the baby and BABY BOY JAMES IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!

Side View of Baby Boy James

All Wrapped up - Newborn Baby Boy

The fabric underneath little James is actually an infinity scarf. It matched my IKEA blanket perfectly, making it a must for this photo shoot!! James slept like a charm through this shot!

Baby Boy James in Newborn Moon Prop

Every client loves my moon prop, except James. It took quite a bit of convincing but in the end, I won and Elizabeth got the moon prop photograph that she really wanted!

All Snuggled Up - Baby Boy James

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