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Harlin's Little Brother's Name Reveal - Calgary Photographer - Meagan Paige Photography

Little Harlin is being Promoted to a Big Brother <3 His little brother will be named Raistlin Colton Gary Zip <3

Big brother Harlin is here to tell you about his new little brother and what each of the names mean!

Raistlin- a beautiful first name for a beautiful little boy that mommy and daddy both fell in love with and sounds so beautiful next to harlin!

Colton- for his mother's little brother she never got to meet and to represent both of their grandmas

Gary- for his mother's two great grandparents who will always be there in spirit

Zip- and then of course the best last name of all time!!

I love when parent's name their kids with names that mean so much to them. It just makes it so much more special <3

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