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Harlin's Cake Smash - Meagan Paige Photography - Calgary and Surrounding Areas

I heard many stories of Cake Smashes where the kid wouldn't touch the cake no matter what or would cry whenever you tried to put icing on their face. Luckily for me, Harlin was a joy! At first, he did not exactly understand what was going on but once his parents helped him demolish the cake he seemed to love it. His mom did such an amazing job making his two layered cake and surprisingly, he didn't even cry when his father shoved his face into it! He was a great little dancer when his family would sing to make him smile. When it was time for a bubble bath he couldn't of seemed happier! He played with all the bubbles and never wanted to get out!! Here is a couple of photos I took when I got the privilege to set up in his family's home in Calgary.

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