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Makeup Tips: Look Fabulous in Your Next Photo Shoot - Calgary, AB

Alongside Photography, I am a certified Makeup Artist! Makeup doesnt make a person beautiful, it simply enhances their best features. But when it comes to getting photos done, makeup should be a neccessity because the camera and flash can flatten your face and give it less dimension.

Tip #1

If you have wide apart eyes putting eyeliner on the bottom outer corner towards the middle of your eye (this includes the lash line as well) will make your eyes seem closer together.


For a perfect blended smokey eye, apply your darkest color on the outer corner of your eye and into the crease. Then apply the lighter color on the inner corner of your eyelid with slight overlapping on the darkest color. Next take a brush WITH NO MAKEUP ON IT and lightly move it back and forth where the two colors meet, this will ensure you have a nice blend without a noticeable line on when the color changes! A great addition to this look is a lovely cateye eyeliner. It gives a sassy sexy look!


You know when you see the models with perfectly separated full eyelashes and you envy how perfect they look? Well today is your lucky day! To achieve this look, take a clean mascara brush and brush your eyelashes to make sure none are stuck together or to crazy. Next apply mascara only at the base of your eyelash, do this to both eyes, allowing it to dry, and then apply it to the rest of your eyelashes. Of course, results will vary depending on the type of mascara you use! I prefer the Maybelline GREAT LASH Mascara, it is SUPER INEXPENSIVE yet I have never had it give me clumpy lashes. If for some reason the mascara you are using makes your lashes clumpy you can take tweezers and separate them individually (MAKE SURE TO NOT PULL THEM OUT). Yes this is tedious, but perfect lashes takes work what can I say!!


Have you ever applied blush and when you look in the mirror you look like a clown with how dark the blush has turned? Dont worry, been there, done that! To fix this problem before applying blush to your face first brush it on the side of your hand to get the harsh pigments off. Then apply your blush from the outside of your face towards your nose, with light downward strokes. This will achieve the light rosey cheeks we all desire! But if you try this and still achieve the clown blush look, DONT WORRY, to quickly fix this just apply your foundation powder over top and it will soften the color.

Thanks for reading!! I hope these tips helped you in your makeup routine!!

If you enjoyed these tips, LET ME KNOW! If enough people like this

I will also start posting makeup tutorials on youtube for your pleasure!!

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