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I know the most stressful part of getting family photos is coordinating outfits and accessories! Trust me I have been there and the outfit possibilities are endless!

Here are some tips to guarantee that your family's photo session is gorgeous and your outfits/accessories are in harmony!

Choose Several Complimenting Colors and Stick to them!!

Pick some hues that coordinate well together and stick to them. Does your family have a favourite color? Is your house decorated more with grey cool colors or warm tan colors? This is something important to consider because if you hang the photos on the walls of your home you want them to fit in. DON'T choose one color for your whole family - multiple colors will add dimension and this way your photos won't look like those awful Christmas cards where everyone is wearing the same thing!

Pick one Pattern and go from there!

Avoid dressing the whole family in patterns, it will be too distracting and will take away from the beauty of your family. A good idea is to choose one item, like a dress or sweater, with a pattern containing the colors you love. Then choose colors from that item for the rest of your family to wear!

Be Comfortable!

During your family session, I want to capture the true emotions of your family. This will not happen if you are not comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. If you are uncomfortable it shows in your body language and you look more stiff and awkward, which is not the look we are going for. For example if you are hot or cold during your session it is less likely that you will look happy and relaxed in your photos. Plus if your little ones are cold, that usually results in crying photos.


  • DO Wear Layers!! Layers add dimension and just really bring everything together! For Hot weather sessions, you can wear cute belts or jewelry. For Cold Weather sessions, you can wear scarves, boots, hats, cardigans, and vests. Wearing more layers in Winter also helps keep you a bit warmer as well!

  • DO purchase clothes that fit your body! I know it is tempting to buy your kids clothes a size bigger so they can still fit them when they grow up but for a family session it is not the best idea. Long pants are tripping hazards and you don't want the clothes to baggy on your kids or it will look sloppy.

  • DO start with One outfit and build the rest of the outfits from there. Do you have a favourite dress you have been dying to find a reason to wear? GREAT!! Wear it for your session and plan the other outfits off the colors of that dress. It is to overwhelming to try to plan all the outfits at once. Start with one outfit and go from there!


  • DON'T think you have to buy new clothes. I guarantee you there is something in your closet that will work and if you need some ideas check out this Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.ca/Meaganpaige17/what-to-wear-guides/

  • DON'T Wear neon colors! I am sorry but it is no longer the 80s and unless we are doing a retro 80s themed session, these neon colors have no place in a family session's wardrobe. They don't photograph well on anyone and they cast colors onto the skin of the person who is wearing them. No one wants a bright green or yellow face!!

  • DON'T choose one color for your whole family - multiple colors will add dimension and this way your photos won't look like those awful Christmas cards where everyone is wearing the same thing!

  • DON'T choose colors that match the scenery exactly. If you wear green to the park you are going to blend in with the trees and grass. We want you to stand out and shine in your photos.

Here are some Pinterest boards with color tips based on the season:

Fall: https://www.pinterest.ca/Meaganpaige17/what-to-wear-guides/fall-what-to-wear/

Winter: https://www.pinterest.ca/Meaganpaige17/what-to-wear-guides/winterchristmas-outfit-ideas/

Summer: https://www.pinterest.ca/Meaganpaige17/what-to-wear-guides/summer-what-to-wear/

Spring: https://www.pinterest.ca/Meaganpaige17/what-to-wear-guides/spring-what-to-wear/


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