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Tips to take photos WITH your Children

When you look through all the photos on your phone, do the photos of your children include you in them? Are the ones that do include yourself have a Snapchat filter on them or cute little dog ears? While Snapchat photos are fun, your children are going to want to see photos showing their mom all-natural and the way they remember. They will want to see photos of you playing with them and giving them the snuggles they love.

For Mother's Day, give yourself a gift and take some photos with your children WITH YOU IN THEM AS WELL! Yes, I am talking to all the mommas out there! Don't stress if your hair and makeup isn't perfect. Don't stress if your children aren't looking at the camera for the whole time. In this blog, I am going to give you some tips on how to get some amazing photos with your kids.

First things first, find a place to put your phone whether it is on a tripod or a dresser. Ideally, a great spot to take photos is beside a window (make sure the window isn't behind you because your phone will expose for the window and make your family dark shadows).

Next set the timer, and cuddle your children. If your husband is home he can also take the photos. I recommend just telling him to take a million photos so you have lots of options to choose from (and maybe some of them won't be blurry). The best photos are always the ones with the real smiles so make your kids laugh and play with them in these photos.


1. Make sure to plan these photos after a nap. Tired kids = Angry Kids.

2. Get Down to their level

3. Play music and dance around.

4. Don't force them. You are stuck in home self-isolating so you have TONS of time to take some photos so try to work around your kid's moods so you can get the photos you desire.

And then of course get some individual photos of each child and them together so if you want to do a wall collage you have a bunch of different photos that match!!

Once you have taken these photos, you can edit them on your phone using Instagram. I usually edit the photos, post them so they save on my phone, and then I delete the post so I can post the photos on different days. There are fun filters but they also have a spot where you can edit Brightness, Contrast, Warmth, Saturation, and more! If you want to use a program that other photographers use, I recommend Lightroom. It is super user friendly and there are TONS of youtube videos to help you navigate it.

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Just a Little About Me:

Hi, I am Meagan Paige. I am the girl behind the camera and the one who does all the posts on my social media websites, such as Facebook and Instagram! I am located in Alberta and have a home studio in the NW part of Calgary.

I have been doing photography since 2011, full time since 2016!


Meagan Paige Photography is a Calgary Based Newborn & Maternity Photographer. Also specializing in Calgary Family, Engagement, Child, and Cake Smash Photography. I also photograph in places like Airdrie, Banff, Lake Louise, Cascade Pond, and other surrounding areas!

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