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AGE MATTERS - When to Book a Newborn Photographer

Have you ever heard the saying "Age is just a number, it doesn't matter"? Well that is NOT the case when it comes to booking a newborn session! The age of your baby can sometimes make a HUGE difference when it comes to how well they will sleep during their session and what poses they are able to do. Ideally I like to book my newborn sessions when your baby is 7-14 days old. This way they are passed the cluster feeding phase but they are still pretty sleepy and not really aware what is going on.

I always get asked how do you book a newborn session when you don't really know the exact date your baby will arrive. What I do is, we book a date 7-14 days after the due date and then if your baby is born early or late we can just adjust it accordingly. No hassle AT ALL!

When you book a newborn session within this time frame, your baby is more "squishy" for the lack of a better word and will do all those cute little poses like bum up and froggy (see these poses below)!!

Calgary Newborn Photographer - AGE MATTERS - Meagan Paige Photography

At this phase your baby will stay asleep longer and will care less when it comes to being unclothed and wrapped. They have usually established somewhat of a feeding schedule and won't need to feed every 10 minutes. However every baby is different. If your baby needs to feed in between setups, THAT IS PERFECTLY OKAY!! When it comes to booking newborns I try to only do one session a day so we have ample amount of time to feed, cuddle, and pose your little bundle of joy.

If you are currently breast feeding and having problems with supplying enough milk then it is better to book your session closer to the 10-14 day mark so you have time to get used to everything and plan how you want to feed your baby day to day. When it comes to lack of milk during breastfeeding, babies tend to eat more and are a little more fidgety. This is not a problem I can work with anything, just know that your session may take a bit longer because your baby needs to spend more time eating.

If your baby has baby acne, a scratch on his/her face, or a little bit of jaundice, don't let this worry you. That is what photoshop is for!! It is better to keep your newborn session at the ideal age of booking and then I will fix any of these problems in photoshop so your baby looks as perfect as the day you got him/her.

Calgary Newborn Photographer - AGE MATTERS - Meagan Paige Photography

I will NEVER turn down a newborn that is "too old" like other photographers do. If for some reason you can't get in right away and your baby is already a month old, that is fine. Just know the older your baby is the less naked poses they will tend to do. Older babies are more aware of their surroundings and "normally" just want to stay wrapped. We can still get TONS of different looking photos by doing different wrap styles and different setups. Also keep in mind your baby may not sleep as well so you may only get awake photos or you may get awake and sleepy photos. Every baby is different and I can't stress that enough. I have done newborn sessions up to the age of 3 months so please don't think it is too late to get photos done!! When it comes to preemie babies they are a bit different. Even if you stay in the hospital for three months and you don't end up getting to my newborn session till around their actual due date that is fine. Preemie babies tend to sleep WAY more and even though they are three months old already, preemie babies still tend to be the best babies when it comes to sleeping.

Calgary Newborn Photographer - AGE MATTERS - Meagan Paige Photography

I hope this helped you out when it comes to planning and booking your newborn session. My schedule books up fast, so the early you book your session the most likely I will be able to fit you in. It is always better to plan ahead than wait to long and miss out. I look forward to working with all of you in the future. If you have any questions feel free to comment on this blog post or email me at


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Meagan Paige Photography is a Calgary Based Newborn & Maternity Photographer. Also

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