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Parents are SO HARD to shop for at Christmas because they don't really need anything and I mean you can only give them frames with your picture on it so many times :P So last Christmas (I know this blog post is so late!) my sister and I faced the challenge of what to get our mom and dad as a present! They had already boughten everything they wanted and the only thing I knew that my dad wanted was a Lamborghini, which was a little out of our budget! Then I remembered a post I saw on facebook of these brothers who recreated their childhood photos and I thought this was a perfect idea for a present! I mean it was a little harder to do considering we are girls and can't take the funny bath photos that those guys did with their version. But I think we nailed it!

Man oh man, when we did the photos on the stairs I have NEVER been so uncomfortable in my life but we were laughing our butts off the whole time! The photo on the slide was also painful because we were laying on snow while we were in short sleeve shirts and skirts, WHY COULDN'T WE HAVE DONE THESE PHOTOS IN THE FALL?!? Plus good thing I can photoshop because the photo of us in our shawls in front of the house was completely photoshopped because obviously we weren't going to fly to Vegas for one photo! Each photo we recreated has a funny story and it was really just a great experience in all!

The way we presented these photos to my parents was in a gorgeous photo album but we put a normal photo of us on the cover so from the outer appearance my parents had NO CLUE what was in store for them. My Mom was already crying by just the cover. In my head I am like "oh my word mom, you don't even know what the real present is yet. When my dad opened it apparently he did math in his head so he wouldn't get teased for crying (what a dork!).

Anyways, they both absolutely adored their present and said it was THE BEST PRESENT EVER! Thank goodness for value village where we could find clothes that resembled the AWFUL clothes our parents put us in when we were younger! I want to also thank Malik and Broc! Malik (My Boyfriend) took all the photos for us and woke up early on his vacation days to help us. Broc painted the chairs we found at value village perfectly to match the creamsicle photo!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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