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Mermaid Cake Smash - Calgary Photographer

This cake smash was so much fun to create! Her mom brought their matching outfits and that really took this smash to a whole new level! I hope you enjoy this little video I made of her smash!

I know you can't tell but this baby girl didn't totally LOVE her cake smash but when we were taking family photos and she rested her head on her hand like she was bored, IT WAS PERFECT!! She really did run the show and I wouldn't have had it any other way! We got great unique photos because she truly posed herself.

She also LOVED Walking right up to me and trying to get my camera (which gave me some great close ups). One thing I love about cake smashes is that they are always interesting and always a party! When this girl smiled right next to her cake, I could have done a happy dance right then and there. She is so adorable and her outfit/crown is just stunning! I am so happy with how everything came together and was just truly magical.

Are you interested in booking a cake smash? Email me at and we can create the perfect smash for you!


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