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10 Tips on How to Coordinate Your Outfits For Your Photo Session

Everyone has those family photos when they were younger where they question their parent’s sanity for making them wear those awful outfits! You know the outfits I am talking about, matching shirts or even worse matching Christmas sweaters that now people where for work Christmas parties! I believe the reason parent’s do this is because they over think what they should wear. They try to go all out when the simpler the better.

Planning your family's outfits can be such a hard task but don't worry I am here to help make it easier.

I have complied a list of 8 tips that you can put into action when picking out your families outfits! I hope you find these helpful and that you are able to implement them with the clothing you have in your closets.

  • Keep it simple:

  • I recommend a neutral pallete, such as creams, grays, whites. For bottoms you can wear things like jeans, khakis, or black leggings. Button up shirts always photograph well for either gender. Even plain shirts with a plaid overtop always photographs nicely.

  • No Logos:

  • Logos are okay but can be distracting, it is best to keep it subtle. On the other hand they can add to the session, such as, a little boy wearing a superman shirt!

  • Don't Match To Much!

  • It is best to keep about 3 or 4 colors in your picked color scheme. This prevents those awful Christmas photos where everyone looks the same and miserable! Not everyone needs to wear all the colors but everyone should wear at least one. This is achieved through accessories like headbands or scarves.

  • Back of your Closet

  • Everyone has that certain article of clothing that stays at the back of the closet but will never get thrown away. Wearing this is not a good idea for your photo session. It is at the back of the closet for a reason and you will regret seeing it in all the photos around the house.

  • Avoid All Black!

  • No one wants to look like they are going to a funeral. Black is a slimming color but looks best when accented with another color, such as, fuchsia pink or teal!

  • Be Comfortable!

  • Wear what feels comfy so you don't look awkward in photos but it is always nice to dress slightly fancier than normal. Maybe wear something you don't always wear everyday like the special maxi dress you bought for special occasions.

  • Accessories:

  • They are great to add color to your photo shoots! They can also add variety to your photos by being added to some shots and taken away for others! So definitely bring them along!

  • Be Aware of the Season!

  • For example, when fall comes along you are surrounded by yellow, orange, and brown colors. It is best to find colors that compliment those. If you look below you will see color recommendations for each time of year!

If you go to my Pinterest board you can see very helpful posts that will help you coordinate your outfits for the session!

I hope this has helped you complete the task of organizing your crazy family. I look forward to taking your beautiful photos!

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