This Newborn Puppy Photo Shoot will MAKE YOUR DAY!!

When you get a new puppy and your a newborn photographer, YOU JUST HAVE TO DO A NEWBORN SESSION WITH YOUR NEW LITTLE BUNDLE OF JOY!!!

This is Lexii (Lexi with two I's), my newest little furry friend!! She was a early Christmas present from my amazing boyfriend!! She was born October 12, 2017 and we got to pick her up on December 7th!! Her colouring is so unique and even tho she is a shih tzu yorkie Pomeranian mix, she looks exactly like a fox, which is one of the reasons I fell in love with her. She is SO feisty and she definitely runs the house. She loves to put my other two dogs in their place which is super funny to watch.

For her newborn session I wanted everything to be pink and cream because when we took her to the pet store the workers kept thinking she was a boy AND I WAS NOT OKAY WITH THAT!! So needless to say, she has pink everything. Pink toys, pink bed, pink water and food dish, pink leash and collar with diamonds on it, and a pink blanket.

I hope you love the photos as much as I do, because it took A LOT of work to get these!!

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