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How to take Adorable Milestone Photos from Home

I know you have all seen these types of photos pop up on your Facebook or Instagram feed. These milestone photos on a cute little blanket is a new trend that so many moms are now doing. I think it is a great way to track your child's growth, I just want to help you all do it correctly so when you look back at these photos you truly cherish them forever.

I just want to start this off by saying, I DID NOT use my fancy camera, Einstein light, or any fancy lenses. I used window light and my iPhone (which is what most moms are using in their day to day life anyways). You do not need to buy any fancy equipment just for one photo a month!

Here are step to step instructions on how to crush your milestone blanket photo of your newest addition!!

STEP ONE: Locate a good light source and flat surface. When using a smart phone to take photos of your loved ones, you never want to do it in a dark place because it will make your photos super grainy which is a nightmare when it comes to printing them. If you can find a window to place your subject beside that is ideal because your photo will be light and bright, therefore, it will have a significant less amount of grain. You will always want to have the window beside your subject rather than right behind it. When a window is right behind the subject you get a silhouette type photo where the background is super white and the subject is all shadows. This is a cool technique for some photos but not what we are going for when it comes to milestone photos.

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STEP TWO: IF NEEDED, wash and dry your milestone blanket so there are no creases! If you have washed and dried your blanket and there are still annoying creases you can always pull it tight with clamps on each corner.

STEP THREE: Place your baby in the middle of the numbers. If your baby is too squirmy to take a clear photo, you can always wrap them up in a cute little wrap to keep them in one place and secure.

Here is my funny little wrapping video if you need it:

STEP FOUR: Take a photo directly overhead your baby. If you need a step stool in order to do this, I would highly recommend getting one.

There are two things you are going to want to avoid. The first one is taking a photo with the angle to far over your baby (the first photo). This will distort the look of the blanket and make your baby's forehead look much larger than it is. The second mistake is taking a photo with the angle shooting up your baby's nose. Think about when you are taking a selfie with your phone. You don't hold your phone below your face so you can see up your nostrils so do not do this with your baby's photo either! No one needs to see those boogers!

canmore alberta baby photographer



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