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Michelle's Newborn Session | Airdrie Baby Photographer

By: Meagan Paige Photography

Michelle's Newborn Session | Airdrie Baby Photographer

The arrival of a newborn is a magical moment filled with joy, love, and wonder. As new parents experience the bliss of parenthood, they often wish to immortalize these precious moments through photography. Newborn photography has become a cherished art form, capturing the innocence and beauty of these tiny bundles of joy.

I am so honored that this family drove in from Sundre just so I could take their photos! During their ordering appointment, they fell in love with every single image and ended up getting the full gallery which is truly the best compliment you can give a photographer! I hope you love these photos as much as I do!

Michelle's Newborn Session | Airdrie Baby Photographer

Newborn photography is more than just taking snapshots of adorable babies. It holds profound significance as it freezes fleeting moments that will never return. Babies grow incredibly fast, and capturing their first days allows parents to cherish and relive those early memories throughout their lives. These photographs become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, preserving the legacy of love and joy.

Michelle's Newborn Session | Airdrie Baby Photographer

Photographing newborns comes with its own set of challenges. Unlike adults or older children, infants cannot be directed or posed easily. They are unpredictable and require patience and sensitivity from the photographer. Safety is paramount in newborn photography, and it's crucial to be aware of proper handling techniques and posing practices to avoid any harm to the baby. This is why I always recommend booking a Newborn Photographer who is practiced in Newborn Safety (Like I am).

Michelle's Newborn Session | Airdrie Baby Photographer

When Michelle said the nursery was Winnie the Pooh themed, I knew exactly what setup I wanted to do! This Winnie the Pooh backdrop is from my favorite shop, Lilly Bear Studio Props and Backdrops! When you book with me you have access to my HUGE prop collection! Props such as soft blankets, wraps, baskets, and adorable outfits can add an artistic touch to the images while keeping the focus on the baby.

Michelle's Newborn Session | Airdrie Baby Photographer

Newborn photography demands a considerable amount of patience and flexibility. My Newborn sessions tend to average around 2-3 hours long. This gives us time to feed, change, and soothe the baby throughout the session. This also allows me to watch for the baby's cues and capture those candid and emotive shots.

Michelle's Newborn Session | Airdrie Baby Photographer

Including parents and siblings in newborn photography sessions creates heartwarming family portraits. At every newborn session, I start with Family and Sibling poses, this way after these shots are done you all can relax and just watch the baby be the star of the show. Family photos really display the connection, love, and excitement surrounding the new addition to the family.

Michelle's Newborn Session | Airdrie Baby Photographer

Long Story Short, Why Book a Newborn Photographer?

Newborn photography is an extraordinary art that holds tremendous sentimental value. As photographers, we have the privilege of preserving some of life's most treasured moments. Capturing the innocence, love, and vulnerability of newborns is both an artistic challenge and a heartwarming experience. By carefully setting the stage, exercising patience, and involving the family, newborn photographers can create timeless masterpieces that celebrate the miracle of life. So, whether you are a new parent or a photographer, take the time to appreciate the art of newborn photography and the profound emotions it captures for a lifetime.

If you want to book a Newborn Session, I recommend contacting me at the beginning of your second trimester! I have a couple of spots left this year and I am already fully booked up in February 2024! Contact me here to get all the details:

Ok, now no more reading! Here is the rest of their gorgeous gallery! :)

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Hi there, I am Meagan Paige!! I am the one answering all the emails, posting on social media, and taking all your lovely photos. I have been doing photography for about 5 years. Everyone I know says I was born in the wrong era. I absolutely love anything vintage especially Vintage Cameras! When I am not taking photos I am out buying more props for my future sessions or of course spending time with my amazing husband and crazy puppies! Family is incredibly important to me and I cherish every moment I spend with my parents and sister! I love capturing the moment and making memories last forever. This website is my way of showing what I am capable of and how much photography means to me. I post new photoshoots as soon as I can in hopes to keep my website new and exciting! I am more than welcome to branch out of my comfort zone and try something new, so if you don't see the certain style you are looking for message me and we can work something out. I am always for learning new tricks and techniques. I hope you enjoy my work and have a fantastic day! XOXO



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