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Shelly's Maternity and Newborn Photo Session - Calgary, AB

I see you there, contemplating whether you want to get maternity photos taken. Let me just tell you this, you will never regret having them taken but eventually you will regret not having them. Your little bundle of joy is going to love to look back at these photos and see how stunning their mom truly is. This is a truly magical time, just think, your body is actually creating a perfect little human being. Therefore, it is time to put on a flowy dress (which I have tons for you to choose from) and let's capture some gorgeous photos!

This magical session will have you convinced, TRUST ME! We lucked out that our session date was one of the few dates this summer where there was no rain and TONS OF SUN! I had so much fun walking all around the park to all these different locations to photograph this sweet family. It is one thing I love about Fish Creek Park, there is such a variety of places to photograph all in one spot.

Fish Creek Park - Calgary, AB Maternity Photography


If those maternity photos didn't give you baby fever, these newborn photos DEFINITELY WILL!!

This baby girl slept through all the family photos but when it came to just her in the spotlight she wanted to wake up and just be snuggled. She definitely made me work for her photos but I think it was absolutely worth it because she is one of the most adorable baby's I have ever photographed. I mean LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!!!


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