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Brooklyn Turns 3 - Calgary Child Photographer - Meagan Paige Photography

This lovely little girl is my adorable cousin!!! She has such a character to her, there is never a dull moment! Once her session started, I told her to smile and instead I get a RAWWWWRRRR! After that she went to show me her muscles and LOVED jumping on my bed set up!!

Little Brooklyn witha Floral 3

I made this 3 custom for Brooklyn :D She absolutely loved it!!

Peek a Boo with Brooklyn

Peek a Boo is a must played game when it comes to taking children's photos!

Awkward kid smiles are the best

Brooklyn Turns 3

Brooklyn may have thought we were taking to many photos but she gave in, in the end :P

Brooklyn's HUGE Muscles


Brooklyn Kisses

Brooklyn kisses are rare and so special <3

Brooklyn Jumping on the Bed

When I tell the kids to jump on the bed, they always second guess me, until they realize I am serious and get the biggest smile on their face!!

Brooklyn Cuddles

Brooklyn Loves to Throw Rose Petals

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